Aslockton and the Railway

The AMBERGATE, NOTTINGHAM AND BOSTON AND EASTJUNCTION RAILWAY AND CANAL COMPANY built the railway during the 1840s and the station at Aslockton was opened to the public on July 15th, 1850. The AMBERGATE line connected Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire to the Great NorthernStation at Grantham. The service operated from its Nottingham terminus at the London Road,Low Level Station.
The Great Northern Railway(`GNR`) built the line between London and York and in 1852
they completed and opened their Railway Station at Grantham.
The directors of GNR wanted to secure a hold on the vast coal traffic from Derbyshire and Nottingham. The Ambergate line provided access from Grantham to the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire coalfields.
The Ambergate company had virtually run out of cash building the Nottingham – Grantham line and whilst they ran the line for three year the take-over by GNR was inevitable. Control of the AMBERGATE line passed to the Great Northern Railway
to operate for 10 years in 1855. This arrangement was made permanent in 1861 when the AMBERGATE, NOTTINGHAM AND BOSTON AND EAST JUNCTION RAILWAY AND CANAL COMPANY leased itself to the Great,Northern Railway Company for 999 years.

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