Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement in Aslockton

In the mid-1990s, Severn-Trent whilst laying a water main between Aslockton and Scarrington along Mill Lane uncovered a number of artefacts.  A subsequent investigation by Nottingham University confirmed an Iron-Age and Romano-British settlement. The settlement appeared to be occupied from circa 500 BCE and 500 CE.  No further archaeological surveys have been undertaken.

In addition during build work at HMP Whatton further finds were made, but it appears that these finds were dated no later then the 1st century BCE. The actual site of the settlement is probably under the A52 in Whatton.

The document downloadable below is a transcript of the preliminary report for the Mill Lane site , lecture notes for the HMP site and an aerial photograph showing the location of both sites.

Aslockton Iron Age Sites Notes

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