The Civil Parish of Aslockton was formed in 1894 under the Boroughs Act, having a population at the time in excess of 300 the Parish Council was also created.

There is evidence of settlement in the in the late Middle Ages (about 500 BCE), through to the Romano-British period (5th Century CE).  Early Saxons occupied the area (as evidenced by the ‘tun’ suffix to the name). They probably moved the settlement to what is now the centre of the village and were supplanted by the Danes, the Aslock portion of the name is a corruption of the Danish forename Haslache. Until relatively recently (the 1900s) Aslockton was known as Aslacton the association with the Danish forename is more obvious in that spelling.

Until 1868 Aslockton was a Chapelry within the greater ecclesiastical parish of Whatton cum Aslockton. In 1868 the Chapelry was transferred to the Parish of Scarrington. The transfer gave rise to the creation of the General Cemetery  on Mill Lane. The situation remained until Aslockton was reunited with the ecclesiastical Parish of Whatton in 1919. The information on the General Cemetery gives a flavour of the thoughts of the Aslockton Population on the transfer.

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